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Aceh - Ambon Maluku - Irian Jaya - Other

Secular and Ethnic tensions

Moslem Christian relations


 TIME: Aceh becoming next East Timor?

  WP: Aceh violence could unravel archipelago

 CNN: Inside the head of the headhunter

 Newsweek: The fruits of war

 CNN: Borneo bloodbath from 2 sides

CNN: The price of Madurese ambition

NEWSWEEK: Indonesia's island fever

TIME Photo Essay: Borneo Backlash

Washington Post: Rampage tied to grievance

CNN: Borneo terror in pictures

FEER: Gain through pain

TIME: Borneo in flames-Where is GUS?

THE TIMES: What should government do?

BBC Analysis: Behind the violence

 BBC - Borneo tolerance plea

CNN: Kalimantan's Agony

CNN - Shadows over Indonesia

CNN - The failure of transmigration

CNN - Why ethnic slaughter struck

BBC - Beheading: A Dayak ritual

  NEWSWEEK: Borneo Hunting heads

 TIME: The darkest season

 NEWSWEEK: Birth of a messy state

 TIME: Killing field


Military threatens tough action

CNN: Defense minister blames US

 CNN: Aceh's Peace zone from hell

Extra troops sent to Borneo

 Gas fields on fire

10 Die in violence in Borneo

Aceh: Wahid visit in doubt

15 Die in new violence

 Aceh: Gunmen fire at Energy Minister

Wahid to visit troubled provinces

 More violence in Borneo

Photo's of violence censored

 Troops sent to Aceh to guard Gas

Police-Dayaks clash during Wahid visit

Wahid tours Borneo

Wahid visits Kalimantan

 Dayaks demand migrants leave

NEWSWEEK: Indonesia's island fever

 CNN: Wahid to visit Kalimantan

W. Post: Rampage tied to grievance

Dayaks feel disenfranchised

Refugees flee violence

 Ambassador in U.S. urges patience

Navy ships begin Borneo evacuation

TIME Photo Essay: Borneo Backlash

 Sampit Riot plotters arrested

I don't know how many I killed

Armed Forces Keen to deal with situation

 Gus Dur: Outsiders involved

Warships evacuate refugees

 THE TIMES:What should government do?

 Madurese flee by ship

Borneo massacre witnesses

Survivors recall horror

Borneo tolerence plea

BBC Analysis: Behind the violence

Pressure builds in Borneo camps

Megawati in Borneo

Madurese evacuees await evacuation

Witnesses to Borneo killings

Megawati tours Borneo

US: Govt ineffectoive in tackling violence

 Megawati visits strife-torn Borneo

A look at who's fighting in Borneo

 Why the bloodletting Dayak-land?

Borneo clashes draw little govt attention

 Witnessess detail slaughter

Death toll may be more than thousand

 Civil emergency considered

Local politics behind violence?

118 Massacred after police flee

Transmigrasi - Help or Hindrance

 Why ethnic slaughter struck

Kalimantan's Agony

 The failure of transmigration

Refugees leaving in droves

Indonesia Press anger over Borneo

Borneo terror in pictures

 Pressure build in Borneo camps

Refugees in crisis

Worsening plight of refugees

No civil emergency declared

Eye witness account of massacre

Borneo tense after ethnic bloodbath

Muhammadiyah backs Megawati

Troops fail to keep down Dayaks

 Ethnic Bloodbath in Indonesia

Kalimantan Map: Where trouble is brewing

 406 Killed in Borneo ethnic war

Jakarta watches as killers run riot

Thousands flee blood ethnic cleansing

Army finds thousand of refugees

 Violence Out of Control

Dayaks loot and burn Palangkaraya

Gang broadens terror

 Refugees arrive in Surabaya

Warriors rampage freely

CNN - Shadows over Indonesia

 Dayak's broaden violent campaign

BBC Pictures:: Terror in Borneo

Police fled when refugees butchered

Soldiers and police clash in Borneo

 Massacre uncovered in Borneo

Borneo settlers targeted

 Massacre of 118

Troops mobilized for Borneo unrest

Evacuation chaos as violence spreads

Troops sent to end violence

Dayaks broaden violent campaign

Troops to Borneo as killing mounts

Migrants flee as death toll rises 

Anguished refugees recall horror

Troops sent to Borneo

Dayak's enraged by centuries of loss

Broadened rampages against migrants

Troops mobilized for Borneo

The most savage bloodshed

Bloodshed in Borneo

Headhunting- Gruesome legacy

Savage attacks terrorize migrants

Thousands trapped as killings continue

Violence spreads to Borneo capital

 Beheading: A Dayak ritual

 Ethnic slaughter spreading

 Kalimantan burns

Many trapped in Kalimantan

Escalating violence in Borneo

Analysis: Behind the Borneo violence

 Victims decapitated in ethnic fighting

Sampit (Borneo) death toll hits 165

 Navy assists with Borneo evacuation

Borneo ethnic clashes leave 100 dead

 Thousands flee brutal ethnic clashes

Borneo fighting kills at least 50

The madness in Borneo

 Scores killed in Borneo

 More than 75 slaughtered

Death tolls in Borneo & Sumatra

  Violence in Sampit, Borneo

 Death toll rises in ethnic clashes

8 Killed in Kalimantan

Indonesia's terror islands

 8 Killed in ethnic fighting in Borneo

Global Hotspots - Indonesia

Aceh - Pandora's box

Hotspot Indonesia

Kalimantan - Resentment boils over

BBC - Indonesia Flashpoints 

Lombok - Paradise lost

The Fragile Archipelago

Maluku - Too hot to handle

Who owns Indonesia?

Sulawesi - Uneasy calm

Why is Indonesia not falling apart?

West Irian - Culture clash

The regions - Pandora's box

 Will Indonesia fall apart?

Persecution of Indonesian Christians

 Calls for Peace and for Jihad







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