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Wahid to visit Thailand, discuss oil


US Library of Congress, Jakarta Office

 JP Editorial Wadid's Australian trip

US: Govt ineffective in tackling violence

 US Embassy Travel warning 2/28/01

Megawati visits Singapore (Feb01)

 Malaysia warns for "Balkanization" threat

Foreign journalists banned from hot spots

 Downer plays down Wahid troubles

Indonesia Singapore pipeline unveiled

 Australia re US support on Indonesia

Timor murder suspects on trial

 James Riady admits illegal Clinton gift

Dangers of the Timor mission

Indonesia India sign defence agreement

 Trial starts in UN employee murders

 Indonesia-India bilateral agreement

 US criminal history in Indonesia

 US residents in Jakarta bomb scare

Britain's outrage over bombings

 Wahid and Singapore

Wahid chides IMF and Singapore

 Bush has more weapons

  Indonesia & Australia settle down

How can Gore expect to win? 

Australia Strategic Defence & Planning

Nederland - Indonesie Notitie

Australia Foreign Policy

China's National Defence 2000

 Australia Defence White Paper 2000

Tale of betrayal and revenge

Philippine's political crisis

Estrada on the edge

West Pacific forum proposed

Wahid calls for activists release

Indonesia Australia relations

 Repairing relations with Australia

Australian defence relationship

  Ambassador Robert Gelbard muzzled

Jakarta-Canberra talks planned

Doubts over Indo Australia meeting

 Targeting America

APEC 2000

 Indonesia Making enemies

Singapore low key response

 New regional group proposed

US braces for trouble

 UN killing suspects flown to Jakarta

Singapore maintains diplomatic silence

Australia shows understanding

 Singapore relations fine

Australia to boost Timor defence force

 Wahid lashes out at Singapore

The Battle for the US presidency

 Presidential election 2000

 Downer: New Australian approach

 Australia accepts Indonesia apology

 Wiranto outraged by Australia allegation

Australian Ambassador unharmed

Australian Ambassador on E Timor

  Australian ambassador attacked

US-Indonesia economic relations

 Australia refutes Aceh independence

US responsible for Indonesia atrocities

The Wider catastrophe-Foreign interest

 APEC-Call for global trade

SE Asia - China steps in where US fails

Asia Pacific seeks common ground

 APEC summit

Caught in US election confusion

Asia Pacific seeks common ground

US embassy reopens 11/07/00

 US Embassy Statement 11/07/00

Targeting America

 SE Asia shaken by rise of strict Islam

US Embassy to re-open 11/07/00

US hopes embassy can re-open

US envoy is focus of critics

 Wahid - US backs me

Wahid tries to heal US rift

US Embassy closure extended again

Indonesia a "Piracy Hotspot"

  US Indonesia friction threatens fire

Political crises reflect growing pains

 US Ambassador on way to US

 Rising anti-U.S. feelings

Extended Embassy closure critized

Xenophobia on the rise

 US Embassy extends closure

 US statement on Indonesia

 Australia Indonesia relations

US Embassy still closed

 US defends envoy


Robert Gelbard: DuBes 1000 demonstrasi

US Embassy still closed (10/30/00)

 US relations strained

Growing anti-US sentiment

US relations turn sour

Gelbard: US policy towards Indonesia


Govt reacts to radical Muslim threat

 US braces for trouble

 Americans told to leave country

Australia tourists hit with Bali tax

US Embassy disappointed

Australia firm of West Irian policy

US Embasy: Officials hurt relations

Australia supports Indonesia authority

Muslims order hotels to bar Americans

Australia defends Indonesia sovereignty

 Caution urged for US citizens

  BBC: Americans ordered to leave

US envoy summoned re meddling

Indonesia  Australia relations

Protests at US Embassy

 Visa for Australian tourists?

 Anti US protests in Jakarta

 Threat closes US Embassy

US accuses Defense Minister

 US influence retreats from SE Asia

US denies Jakarta spy charges

US Press Release on Spy charges

US denies interfering in military choice

 Top meeting with Australia postponed

US denies Timor violence involvement

 Parliament vetoed Wahid Australia visit

 US not threatening an embargo

 Australian ambassador appointed

 Australia: An uneasy friendship

 FEER-What the US must do

Australian Foreign Affairs minister

 Oil - The cancer conspiracy

 Singapore feels alienated

50 Yrs US Indonesia relations

  Anti-Western sentiment?

 US Security Strategy E. Asia Pacific

 Australia relations from bad to worse

 Enhancing Regional links

 Indonesia Australia and Asian crisis


Dept Foreign Affairs Asia Pacific Relations
Sukarno's Foreign Policy Africa-Middle East Relations
Foreign Policy American Relations
Foreign policy under Suharto Australian relations
Foreign relations Europe Relations
Foreign policy Australia
AA conference Indonesia-Australia analysis
Non-aligned movement East Asia
United States Singapore & Malaysia
US & S E Asia 1961-63 US funding for opposition groups
 50Years US-Indonesia Relations The Philippines
Allbright on Democracy 03/99 Allbright-Alatas, March 4 1999
Allbright-Key Democracy Japan
US policy before 1975 Bilateral Relations
CIA and Sukarno ASEAN
JFK CIA Freeport Participation in ASEAN
1965 Death lists ASEAN Secretariat
America's Unseen Hand ASEAN and Indochina War
United Nations ASEAN at crossroads
US statements Asean Relations Post Suharto
US funding APEC
US Arms Sales to Indonesia Australia relations
US support for Suharto Australia and Indonesia
US and Indonesia Indonesia-Australia Security Pact
US Yearly Arms Sales Table Indonesian threat to Australia
US Arms Transfers The Australian-Indonesia survey
US policy toward Indonesia Australia's secret support 1966
Crack in U.S. Indonesia relations In Focus: Indonesia after Suharto
US relations: Commerce first U.K. Arms Trade
US worries about financial crisis International Arms Trade
Suharto: Valued servant of the U.S. Foreign Military Relations
Clinton call to Suharto Human Rights and Foreign Policy
US-Indonesia Society Public Order
Clinton's foreign financiers Foreign Missions
Washington File Indonesia & Timor Indonesian Diplomatic Missions
United Nations in Indonesia Visa Services
What Asian Crisis? Habibie on relations
Background Australia relations Australia Relations & Implications
US orchestrated 1965 slaughter Canberra dithers Post-Suharto
US Policy 1961-1965 US: Re-evaluating policies
Surrendering to symbols 1964-65 The RFK mission 1962-1963
US policies : Introduction US policy 1963-1964
US funding for opposition US intervention
Focus of Australian interest US: What next for Indonesia?
Our man in Jakarta US: Testimony on Indonesia
Fostering relations after Suharto Ignoring the roots of violence
Australia - From bad to worse Response to Sen Patrick Kennedy
1996 US-Indonesia relations US Military Support
Strange Bedfellows Opportunities & Pitfalls for the US
Averting a New Kosovo US policy, May 1997
US Security Strategy E.Asia Pacific Arming Indonesia
Indonesia a Threat to Australia? Australian Perceptions
Analysis of Threat to Australia American Pitbull
At a turning point with US Wahid urges summit with Australia
Australia: Rebuff from Jakarta Australian Relations
No time for Australia visit US parameters 1960-1967
Japan-Indonesia relations Australian military ties
History of Australian ties Australia : Blood for Oil
Wiranto singing "Feelings" Battle for the Soul of Indonesia
NYT Special: The CIA in Iran Britain's role in ousting Sukarno
Australia: Strategic policy Australia's balancing act
US Relations 1996 Econ relations with Switzerland
Singapore: A Cold blast from Jakarta Australia Indonesia relations
Crisis changing players East Timor and regional security
In Focus: Indonesia Washington on Wahid
Forced smiles in S.E.Asia Wahid plays the Asia card
Defence cooperation in limbo Australia's role in Asia
Telling tales on Australia Re-thinking military ties with US
Indonesia India China Alliance? US shifts focus to Indonesia
US, Australia, Indonesia Indonesia - Strategic implications 
Indonesia India Iran Malaysia scolds Indonesia
Territorial waters and Singapore Indonesian tangle and the US
Indonesia and Middle East US wary of Indonesia ties with China
Kissinger new Presidential Adviser Clinton renews call for reform
Crisis-Challenge for US leadership  The real Indonesia scandal 
Wahid visit to UK Indonesia Malaysia
Wahid postpones Australia visit Indonesia needs us (Australia)
Wahid will visit Australia Indonesia Australia and Ec Crisis
Australia and Indonesia  WSJ-Clinton's financial backers
History of Australia relations Indonesia - What the US must do 
Australia's role in Asia Iran opposes Iindonesia interference
US Aid Mission revives ties Who bombed Philippine ambasador? 
Local insurgencies go global  Singapore optimistic
Australia-Rough weather ahead  Mid-East Peace Plan 
Seeking end to Iraq sanctions  Australian business and Indonesia
Australian Labor Part & Suharto Junta Tension mounts over oil-rich E Timor
US Arms sales to Indonesia Averting a new Kosovo in Indonesia
Right not to meddle in civil unrest  Suharto got Clinton kickbacks 
US Stanley Roth on Indonesia  US-Fact finding team on riots
Foxes in the hen-house The Consortium 
Australia's underside US responsibility in Indonesia 
US-Australia 1954-1962  US deploys warships to E Timor 
Strengthening ties with China Diplomatic Economic Backlash 
Military Embargo blamed  Australia : Accusation inappropriate 
Indonesia needs friends and money  US Indonesia relations 1996
 US Indonesia relations 1997 US Arms Profile-Indonesia






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