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A R Wahid



OCTOBER 20, 1999

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BBC: Wahid ignores censure

 In TV address Wahid urges unity

CNN: Wahid resignation "out of question"

 Wahid weathers the storm

BBC: Q&A Indonesia impeachment

 BBC: Picture gallery Pro Wahid protests

BBC: Wahid faces impeachment 

BBC: Wahid in crisis talks

Wahid headed for impeachment

BBC: Wahid profile  

 MSNBC: Future uncertain for leader

Nearing end of road?

Supporters pull back from march to MPR

Parliament eyes censure of Wahid

Holy war?

CNN Analysis: Showdown in Jakarta

Cabinet please not to censure Wahid

 Parties move to back censure

Rioters will be shot

 President refuses to step down

Wahid warns of nationwide rebellion

 PDI to back Wahid censure

Suicide squads flood Jakarta

 BBC: Wahid threatens parliament

  CNN: Challenge to Wahid brewing

 CNN: A R Wahid's Presidency

 FEER: Waiting for Gus Dur

 TIME: While Megawati waits

Threat of violence rises

 CNN: Indonesians may murder forWahid

 No power sharing

 Wahid rejects power sharing

CNN: Wahid rejects censure, offers peace

 BBC: Wahid rejects parliament censure

 Wahid rejects parliamentary censure

Hostile parliament seeks impeachment

Alert ahead of Wahid speech

 President addresses hostile parliament

Confident that he will finish term

  Wahid to face parliament

Wahid cautions on supporters threats

 JP: The consitutional game

President to face critics

JP Editorial President's Australian trip

Minister backtracks on Wahid resignation

 BBC Analysis: Wahid's many problems

Wahid threatens to fire Attorney General

 Wahid pledges to stay on

 Wahid dismisses Forestry minister

 Wahid supporters plan big rally

Wahid supporters turn out in force

 Mob threatens Wahid critic

 Wahid says will not step down

 Wahid supporters threaten to kill rival

Rais: No early MPR impeachment session

  CNN: Violence plagues Wahid

Won't go, says country would collapse

  Political protests mount

 President will not resign

Shadows over Indonesia

 Wahid rejects calls for resignation

 Massive protests demanding resignation

Students rally against Wahid

 Protesters demand Wahid resignation

 Wahid visits refugees

  Wahid will not resign

May face frosty welcome home 

 Wahid warns against ethnic hatred

 Wahid shrugs of replacement talks

 Wahid heads to Borneo

WP: Wahid flies home to face critics

CNN: Wahid to visit Kalimantan

14 killed in strife-torn Aceh

 W Post: Oddities become liabilities

TIME: Borneo in flames-Where is GUS?

 W Post: Fewer laughs for Wahid

Gus Dur: Outsiders involved

 Gus Dur rejects calls for resignation

Army warns against ousting Wahid

 Wahid holds firm as Megawati tours

 Muhammadiyah backs Megawati

Wahid living dangerously

TIME: Will political shadow kill Wahid?

Bracing for more dangerous living

CNN - Abdurrahman Wahid's Presidency

CNN Q&A: Crunchtime for Wahid

Wahid slated for leaving amidst clashes

CNN Q&A:  Why Wahid waits

 Kalimantan burns

 Warning of possible coup 

 Wahid leaves turmoil behind

TIME interview with Amien Rais

Army plans crackdown on separatists

 Wahid supporters resume protests

Wahid travels leaving violence behind

Borneo fighting kills at least 50

Asiaweek: Battle of Jakarta

The madness in Borneo

TIME: Facing uncertain future

 Tension, violence and economic gloom

Angry protests in Indonesia

 Violence erupts in Jakarta demo

Rally against Wahid

Wahid cancels university visit

  Pressure mounts on Wahid

 Students demanding Golkar dissolution

 President urged to delegate power

  FEER: A minefield called Jakarta

 Thousands rally in Jakarta

  Wahid's woes: Going nowhere

Reconciliation urged

 Wahid supporters take to the street

 A loud message for parliament

Wahid pleads for patience

Wahid attacks critics

Wahid hits out at critics

Wahid to E Java to calm supporters

 VP indirectly attacks President

Wahid seeks to calm protests

Wahid to seek calm in East Java

FEER: From chaos to despair

  President dodges trial

 Wahid to visit troubled East Java

Violence grows

Wahid's nimble dodge and weave

Rival offices attacked  

 Supporters demand death for opponents

Opposition offices targeted

Surabaya police and protesters clash

 Bloody uprising warning

Time: Bad Omens

 Time Interview with Amien Rais

Wahid supporters rampage

 Golkar office torched

Why Megawati let Wahid fight alone

 Miltary will not topple Wahid

Wahid gets breathing space

 Wahid loyalists riot

 Wahid wins breathers

 Wahid supporters warn of bloodshed

SMH - Wahid nears the end

 Observers focus on Megawati

 Mobs attack party offices

Rally to support Wahid

 Wahid supporters rampage in Java

 Censure vote - Anger wit leadership

Anti Suharto/Golkar rampage

MPR chief urges Wahid's surrender

 Mobs burn party offices

Indonesia's terror islands

Indonesian leaders back Wahid

 Anti Suharto/Golkar rampage

 Students demand clean-up

Indonesian President on the ropes

 Wahid's fate may rest with Megawati

Thousands rally behind Wahid

   Megawati may hold key

Rally in support of Wahid

Finding accepted that President lied

Wahid will not step down

Steps towards presidential impeachment

  Wahid says will not resign

PDI backs Wahid's reprimand

 Parliament acts against Wahid

Wahid accused by parliament

 Parliament votes to censure Wahid

Demanding Wahid's resignation

 President denies scandals

Hints of graft by President

 As in Manila, so in Jakarta?

Wahid accused of role in scandal

 Defense minister warns of army takeover

  Political challenge

 Siap hadapi situasi terburuk

Police fire tear gas

 Increasing pressure

 Student protests turn violent

 Wahid firm as students police clash

Protests in Jakarta

 Students storm parliament

Wahid snubs corruption probe

 Wahid unfazed by impeachment threat

  Wahid walks out of corruption inquiry

 Gus Dur tuduh Amien Rais dkk

Wahid's mounting woes

Wahid offers MP's olive branch

 High Noon for Wahid

 Wahid - We are making progress

Wahid and Sukarno's gold

 Wahid pledges to serve term till 2004

Wahid finds few friends

 Parliament turning up heat on Wahid

 Wahid rebuffs parliamentary probe

Scandals sully leader's reform image

Wahid - US backs me

 Parliamentary team to call on Wahid

Wahid says health is fine

 Wahid: US still supports administration

 President cleared in corruption scandal 

 Wahid cleared by police

President Wahid challenges critics

 Wahid lays down gauntlet

 Time running out for Wahid?

 Key suspect says Wahid not involved

Graft suspect denies Wahid link

 The waning power of the President

 Maluku - Wahid's Waterloo?

Wahid marks first tricky year

 One year in office

  Wahid set for showdown

Economist: Wahid battles on

Wahid Parliament showdown

Wahid denies stroke

  Scandal probe

Wahid's many problems

 The thinking general

 Learning from Chile

  Gus Dur vs Cendana

 Military seems to be winning

 US & Australian Embassies targeted

 Escape from Timor

 Dozens arrested in JSX bombing

Wahid goes to war

Defense Minister sees conspiracies

 Daunting task and little time

 Masseur arrested

 Wahid under siege

Perils of a priestly president 


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Now for the hard part Turning point
Don't use Islam to attack others Emerging from the back room
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How Wahid won Between Army and Islamists
Lone troubleshooter The Battle intensifies
A show of moral force No quick fix
An Officer and a Cleric The taming of the general
He's the Boss Securing his place
A question of Loyalty Malaysia Media tough on Wahid
Rocks in the Road Figuring out the president
South-East Asia Tour Where is Wahid going
Unity in Diversity Economic Agenda
Health raises concerns The world according to Gus Dur
The Batle for Balance Gus Dur gives comic relief
Preparing for reality I will be the one
Victory Signs Showdown with Wiranto
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The danger of implosion Chaos looms
President's brother faces probe Careful Leader
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Popularity fades BULOG Gate
IHT-Wahid is good for Indonesia Wahid caught in vice of violence
Wahid - Master of compromise Wahid style questioned
Bank chief and Wahid Wahid questioned 
President in Washington Meeting with Clinton
President in Pakistan Clinton meets Wahid
Visit to MidWest Committed to reform
Wahid delays Australia visit again Wahid plays the Asia card
More confusion over Wahid visit Howard on Australian relations
TIME: Wahid's world  Disarms with his wit
The Muslim Factor  There's a campaign against me
Asiaweek: Sinking presidency FEER: Indonesia Bloodbath
What Wahid says Whither Wahid?
Indonesia's other crises Religion and revenge
Civil War spectre looms Asiaweek: Nation Adrift
Wahid's brother quits IBRA job Stolen cash recovered 
Too close for comfort Sukardi on Wahid 
Police quiz Wahid  Popularity fades 
Bulog cash recovered Muhammadiyah Congress
President has a rapier tongue  Gus Dur rules out second term 
Kissinger Political Adviser  President snubs MP's 
Wahid dismisses critics Political heat turns up 
President apologizes A R Wahid profile 07/2000
Collission Course Time for leadership
Wahid's Army of Loyal Believers There's a campaign to topple me
Defiant under fire Skenario menggulingkan Gus Dur
Rally falls flat  Defiant under Fire
Megawati deciding factor  Wahid braces for MPR showdown
Beginning the Rule of Law Wahid's MPR speech 
Wahid's many problems An apology too late? 
Apologizes and pledges order Wahid Photo Gallery
The wit of A R Wahid Unrelenting pressure 
The waning power of Wahid Political factions turn on Wahid
Harshly criticized  Yielding to mounting critics  
Power handed to Vice President Wahid cedes daily control 
Megawati to run government Wahid steps back
Relief and Confusion  Wahid placed on notice 
Wahid steps aside  Interview with US News&World Report
No transfer of executive power Wahid stands his ground
Disarms Legislature with laughter  Keynote address Asia Society 
Blind man's bluff  Struggles to keep unity
Wahid scandal probe Jilted mistress goes public 
Tripped over scandals  Facing sea of troubles
Choosing sides Wahid outflanked by the Army
Cabinet coup  The season of scandal  
The military seem to be winning  






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