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1967 - 1998

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Bob Hasan: Rise and fall of a timber tycoon

 CNN: Suharto's Presidency

Bob Hasan's sentence tripled

Bob Hasan's corruption trial

 Protesters throw firebombs

 Supersemar: 5 Pertanyaan

 Suharto's Legacy of graft entrenched

 TEMPO: Cendana Kartu sakti Presiden

 Complications after surgery

 CNN - Suharto's Presidency

Suharto has emergency appendectomy

 Suharto appendix removed

Tutut Suharto questioned

 Tutut Suharto faces corruption probe

Tutut & Probosutedjo barred from travel

Tutut Suharto barred from travel

Tutut Suharto named as suspect

Suharto daughter implicated

Omar Dani: CIA/Suharto terlibat

 Omar Dani & Subandrio

FEER: Bombs, the Army and Suharto

 Bob Hasan pleads not guilty

  Suharto's Fall-Eyewitness account

Government denies conspiracy

  Police seize Tommy's house

Tommy Suharto a fugitive

Years of living dangerously film

Family quizzed on Tommy

Trial to resume, son eludes arrest

 Manhunt begins for Suharto's son

Suharto trial to resume

Suharto trial to resume

 Indonesia to allow 1965 coup film

 Suharto case to continue

 Book Censorship

Cronies: After the good times

 Tommy banned from leaving country

 Cronyism in Indonesia

Prosecutors appeal Suharto case

 Suharto family to be held accountable

 No pardon for Tommy Suharto

Tommy's plea for pardon rejected

Dosa PKI, Suharto atau Sukarno?

 Gus Dur vs Cendana

Suharto son begs clemency

Tommy seeks presidential pardon

 Gestapu commemoration

 Off the Hook?

Tommy ignores arrest summons

 Pondering the Law, Suharto's Fate

Tommy ignores summons

 No reconciliation without justice

 Wahid demands re-opening of case

Charges dropped against ailing Suharto

Ruling prompts protests

Indonesia braces for Suharto backlash

Suharto's Fortune

Why Suharto can't stand trial

Gus Dur says decision one-sided

Judge objects to Wahid's statement

Show trial stopped

Find a clean judge

Fall from grace

Ruling damaging, possibly dangerous

Suharto's New Order


Unfit to stand trial

 Suharto's role in Gestapu a mystery

Violence after trial thrown out

Suharto unfit to stand trial

BBC - The case against Suharto

BBC - Suharto's fall in pictures

Suharto case dismissed

 Tommy's arrest ordered

Tommy sentenced to 18 months

 Tommy convicted for corruption

Tommy lagi memancing di P Seribu

Tommy di Polda

Wahid puts pressure on Suharto family 

Security tightened for Suharto trial

Interview Defense Minister Mahmudin

 Bomb probe backfires

  Just how ill is Suharto

 Suharto son arrest order

 Suharto - Last of a Breed

 Time-line Suharto's rise

 Long Run of living dangerously

 Energy - Suharto took bribe money

 Suharto profile

 Suharto's moment of truth

 Fall from grace

 Family fortune

The case against Suharto

Suharto freed: Reaction in photos

 Indonesia 1967

 Disgraced but not bowed


 Suharto Photo (Feb 2001)


New Order under Suharto Chronology of people's revolt
New Order Reform needed to defuse bomb
1965 Suharto's rise Medan's madness
The 1965 Coup and its Aftermath Seven days in May
Elusive 1965 documents Rising unrest
The New Order The military is on guard
President Suharto Is a time bomb ticking ?
Suharto Political opposition
Rise of Suharto, Fall of Sukarno Steve Hanke advising Suharto
From villager to patriarch Currency Board-Suharto's gamble
President Suharto Foreign policy under Suharto
Suharto (photo) Protests move to capital
Fortress Suharto A city goes mad
1996 Sizing up Suharto shares Violence shatters image
1996 Feeling the pressure Up, down and across
Crony crew Supermarket burned in protest
Tycoons: Pay Up or face Tax man Total anarchy May 14, 1998
Now for the hard part What Next? May 15, 1998
Tien Suharto- In mourning Military on Alert May 18, 1998
Health concerns send tremors Students massacred
The First Family's Affairs Students agony and anger
Suharto's son Bambang rises Timeline of students turmoil
Suharto Inc. Network President speech May 19, 1998
Throne Contenders May 19, 1998 Refuses to resign
Feast and famine Students protest at parliament
Resting on a secure base Student sit-in May 20, 1998
The enemy within Student protests shake regime
Inside the volcano Students demand political reform
Divided they stand, for now Cabinet Reshuffle
Quick financial cure? Suharto's siege
Facing up to fiscal reality Military mobilised for mass repression
The Asian Financial Crisis Wiranto sides with Suharto
The Fall of Peregrine Parliament to ask Suharto to go
Effect on Singapore Day of reckoning
Singapore and Indonesia May 21, 1998 Resigns
Middle class has emerged Suharto resigns May 21, 1998
Class struggle Suharto bows out
Military backs orfderly transition I seek forgiveness
Reeling markets Resignation Speech
Marcos and Suharto Resignation Speech
Entrenched cronies vs technocrats Suharto Resignation speech
Now the hard part Resigns, names successor
1995 Unsettling for business Indonesia in flames
Suharto and the Islamic Movement A Political Obituary
Proposed buget 1998 Shrewd dictator
Indispensibility may save him End of an Epoch
Children turned to business Analysis: End of an era
Report on Indonesia 1967 Search for long-term successor
Meeting Bishop Belo Surrended power but not wealth
Religious disharmony Valued servant of the U.S.
Leaving little to chance The crimes of Suharto
Well-connected candidates US relations: Commerce first
McMasters-New Order US secret support for Suharto
Seeking seventh term On the brink
Seventh term March 11, 1998 Annus Horribilis
March 98 cabinet WSJ - Down and Out
Tutut going for leadership How the New Order collapsed
WP-Timeline since 1997 Jakarta's May Revolution
BBC-5 more years Analysis-End of Suharto
Capitalism-Stealthy foe Suharto's fall and background
A Javanese king talks of his end Businessweek: Regime on the Ropes
US: Piercing an Army's Veil End of New Order
International leaders call for reform Wilson Qrtrly: End of New Order
G8 leaders call for reform Schwarz: Turmoil in Indonesia
US urges reform Information highway too fast
Privatising social justice Analysing end of Suharto
All the President's Children Growth, not Greed
Nepotism, Cronyism World Reaction to resignation
Cashing-in on years of power His soldiers may be his judges
Suharto domineert Indonesia Portrait of Indonesia after Suharto
US Arms Sales to Indonesia In Focus: Indonesia after Suharto
Clinton call to Suharto A regime on the ropes
Pentagon training elite team Transition analysis
Joint excercises with Australia Indonesia moves beyond Suharto
Perils of nonconformity Their Suharto and ours
Bob Hasan - Suharto's man His Fall from Power
Suharto-wayang play Career Highlights
SMH-King Java Suharto system hard to uproot
Puppet Master The Suharto Shadow
Suharto Grip on Wealth Special Report Jan 2000
Time - Suharto Incorporated Bangkok Post - His place in history
BBC-Suharto's millions Rise of Suharto, Fall of Sukarno
CNN-All in the Family President Suharto and New Order
Rioters torch upper-class aspirations Suharto's end game
Indonesia's slow burn 1999 Elections-New Order
Too hot for business Dictator from Day One
Chinese flee A Bloodless coup
Neighbours evacuate nationals Suharto's Archipel
Freeport and Irian Jaya Trouble for Smiling General
Chinese merchant rebuilds 10 Days that shook Indonesia 1
Son-in-law under fire 10 Days that shook Indonesia 2
Prabowo faces trial 10 Days that shook Indonesia 3
Irian Jaya and East Timor 10 Days that shook Indonesia 4
Unchallenged leader 10 Days that shook Indonesia 5
The May 1998 riots 10 Days that shook the nation 6
Australian secret support Suharto's last stand
Let them eat the cake WP: Probe in finances
Indonesia's second chance Double standards in coverage
Sinar Harapan newspaper banned Whitewashing Suharto
Analysis: His millions Last of a Breed
Personal Data His fall from power
US Corporate Connection Speech that ended an epoch
From poverty to President Suharto's legacy
Our man in Jakarta Student revolution
Lessons of history Indonesia in Flames
Behind the riots People Power
Petition of Fifty The secret of survival
Indonesians resist Avoiding further tragedy
Rupiah Rasputin Rise and fall of a strongman  
50 Most Powerful in Asia 1996 Timeline Suharto's Fall
US Funding for opposition groups The Fall of Suharto
Suharto's downfall City Arrest
The Fall of Suharto Suharto questioned
Rebuilds base to shield fortune The main players
Always the best revenge Exposing the hidden hand
Indonesia's slow burn Indonesia - Dashed Hopes
Government Investigation US knew of activist abductions
Report on May1998 riots Power of the disappeared
Academic Freedom "Disappeared" student's testimony
BCA: Suharto's kiss of death Chasing after the past
Crucial days ahead Living outside the limelight
Corruption probe Gus Dur on Suharto
Placed under City Arrest Suharto - The Hidden hand
Too ill for questioning? Suharto: Shades of Pinochet?
Inquiry : Digging up past agonies  Student protests in Jakarta
House Arrest May 29, 2000 Suharto billions sneaking back?
Suharto Alone Suharto confined to home 
Suharto's Family Business History catches up with Suharto
Suharto money in US and Europe Suharto family negotiating deal
Business Week : Pay back time Agreement within reach
SCMP: Suharto's New Order The Boom years
Leaving dangerously Interim Habibie rule
Suharto's overthrow Accusing Suharto supporters
Suharto - A bloody legacy  Bomb scare in AG office
WSWS-The Fall of Suharto  The misguided fireman
Negotiating with govt  Suharto supporters accused
Key Dates  Office block seized 
Wahid supports 1965 killing probe  Politics or Justice?
Suharto's Fiery legacy  The investigation 
Suharto to be indicted Suharto to be charged with corruption
Suharto faces corruption charges Preparing to charge Suharto 
$155 M corruption charge Photo collection
Suharto formally charged  Facing Trial
Suharto's Fortune Analysis - Suharto case 
Shades of Pinochet  Formally charged 
BW: Suharto's moment of truth The Key Players in the case
The children and business A look at Suharto's fiefdom
Charged with corruption  Charges filed
Corruption charges filed FEER - Suharto's Record
Day of reckoning  Trial date set for Aug 31
Trial of the Century Suharto Military Dictatorship
Protesters stage pro-Suharto rally The End Game 
Double or nothing Suharto got Clinton kickbacks
Kings don't fall lightly Suharto's cronies 
Shoving Suharto aside Suharto resigns
Seize the New Zealand assets  Linked to violence 
Suharto, last of a breed Roots of a revolution 
From riot to resignation Suharto speaks 
Suharto Trial postponed  Rise and Fall of strongman 
Suharto fails to show up  Indonesia seeks redemption
Too ill for trial Suharto too sick
Chronology of probe Led Indonesia from chaos, and back
Dictator's Disease Daftar kekayaan 
Chronology of probe Trial adjourned 
Trial must proceed Doubts Suharto will go on trial 
Legal drama in Jakarta  Trial delayed
Related stories Where did the billions go?
Money Trail  Suharto Money-siphoning case 
Ford, Kissinger Suharto July 5, 1975  Indonesia vs Suharto 
Petition of 50 US Senator Biden on resignation 
Indonesia's Killing fields From president to prisoner 
FEER - Long journey to justice 

"New Order agents" behind bombing?

Focus on Suharto supporters Suharto cronies suspected
Suharto trial linked to violence Wahid-Evidence against Tommy
Suharto's son ordered arrested Tommy Suharto ordered arested
Wahid orders arrest Tommy Suharto Suharto's Playboy son 
Indonesia's judiciary  Tommy Suharto in bomb probe 
Suharto's son linked to bombing Tommy Suharto's denies involvement 
Suharto's hand felt Suharto son suspected  
Suharto son cleared  Sick man of Asia
Suharto's Archipel 1 His top 8 crimes
Suharto 's Archipel 2  
Suharto's Archipel 3  
Suharto's Archipel 4  






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