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 Requirements US Military Sales & Aid

Military to refrain from second censure?

UN blames military for E Timor terror

WP:  UN criticizes E Timor report

CNN: The military

 CNN: Defense minister blames US

MSNBC: Political issues

MSNBC: Indonesia military power

US asked to lift military aid ban

  NEWSWEEK: Army re-asserts itself

KSAD tolok dukungan politik AS

Officers not to attend political meetings

Military: Don't try to oust Gus Dur

  Supersemar: 5 Pertanyaan

Armed Forces Keen to deal with situation

Gus Dur: Outsiders involved

 Wahid holds firm as Megawati tours

Army warning: Don't oust President

KASAD bertemu Jenderal "tersingkir"

 Army warns against ousting Wahid

TNI tidak mau terjebak

TEMPO: Teka teki sesudah Presiden pergi

 Army plans crackdown on separatists

TIME: War talk in Jakarta

Men in uniform and in parliament

Warning of possible coup 

 Indonesia militias-When might is right

 FEER: A minefield called Jakarta

Miltary will not topple Wahid

Military treading softly

FEER: Bombs, the Army and Suharto

 Defense minister warns of army takeover

 Military making a comeback

 Army role in Moluccas violence probed

Indonesia India sign defence agreement

 Prabowo denies bombing

Indonesia-India defence agreement

 Pemakaman MayJen TNI Tonny Rompis

 Asian Armed Forces

 Missing plane found in Irian Jaya

 Military show of force in regions

  US criminal history in Indonesia

Wiranto outraged by Australia allegation

 A talk with Minister Yudhoyono

 Military insists it is neutral

 Australian Ambassador on Timor

 MajGen Kiki Syahnakri promoted

Military wages battle of wills

US accuses Defense Minister

 Military wooing Megawati

 Restructure intelligence body

 Yudhoyono: Slow march to Reform

 Changes in the military

US denies interfering in military choice

New Army and Navy Chiefs

Tommy banned from leaving country

 AF Day : Serve nation!

Militia warlord held

 The thinking general

Militia Chief arrest 

Timor militia leader arrested

  Marching back

Timor militia refuse to disarm

 Military overhaul?

Investigation in military involvement

Alwi Shihab to brief UN

Arms crackdown "pathetic"

US demands West Timor disarmament

UN troops kill militia man

Elite soldiers held in bombing

2 Kopassus soldiers arrested

Soldiers planted JSX bomb

25 Arrested In JSX bombing

 2 Military among arrested

 Interview Defense Minister Mahmudin

Defense Minister under fire

25 Arrested in JSX bombing

Militiamen demand return of weapons

Wahid goes to war

Defense Minister sees conspiracies

 General claims threat to Irian Jaya

  Military seems to be winning

Military impunity under attack

Generals lay blame on others

 Genesis of the Indonesian Army

 World War II Japanese Monographs

 Canadian military ties with Indonesia

 Canadian military exports to Indonesia


Military engagement with Indonesia


Armed Forces Armed Forces and Society
National Defense Foreign Military Relations
ABRI Cohen on Military Relations
Defence Budget CIA Factbook 99
National Security International Arms Trade
Armed Forces organization US Arms Sales
Political & Administrative Role U.K. Arms Trade
Role in elections UK defends arms sale
BBC-military Wahid-Wiranto
ABRI and New Order Wiranto and responsibility
Washington Post-military BBC-Wiranto
Indonesia military involvement Wiranto had it coming
Military interests in East Timor Time interview with Wiranto
US News - Suharto's soldiers I don't see a coup scenario
Lt Gen Syarwan Hamid Crisis - Role of the military
Raging Inferno E Timor involvement
General Wiranto: Man to watch US Yearly Arms Sales Table
Protesting New Army Powers New Army powers suspended
Military: Who is in control? UK - Halt Arms Export
Power sharing military Implicated in E Timor atrocities
US criticizes Army professionalism US: Piercing an Armys Veil
Puppet Master US Military Training
Kings or King makers Murky military memoirs
Godly men in green Suharto warns to prepare for unrest
Tough times for military Suharto soldiers may be his judges
Passage: General Sumitro  Post Suharto-Watch these five
The Indonesian Military Wiranto runs an army out of control
Dwifungsi & Territorial operations 95  BBC - Evidence against Wiranto
ABRI in figures The military and E Timor
Army observed Responsible for ETimor destruction
Army's single function Wahid: Generals should stand trial
In the line of fire Wiranto denies liability for E Timor
More educated, more ruthless Wiranto denies abuses
1996 - A split within the ranks Military Chiefs accused
Indonesia and Burma Dissident cleansing
Under attack at home Wahid warns military
Military Net US warns generals
Ambon's divided camps Wahid outflanks the generals
Indonesia's Air Capability 93 Wiranto-The man to watch
The unlikely military man Wiranto suspended
Arms Sales Table Indonesia's King maker
Power Play How Wiranto fell from power
50th Anniversary raises questions Intelligence and Security Agencies
Military role-Dwifungsi A R Wahid and the generals
Indonesia's Disappeared Miltary on the defensive
Prabowo-Rising Star Indonesian Defence Forces
Kopassus-A Test for the Best Stability and economic recovery
BAIS - AF Strategic Intelligence KOSTRAD
Military future AURI - Indonesian Air Force
The Indonesian Military Australian Military Chief visit
Eurasian military alliance Arming Indonesia 
ABRI's dual function Oltmans: Generaal Nasution
Indonesie in de vuurlinie Nasution 1960
Nasution als CIA generaal Indonesische generaals 1965
Gen. Basuki Rachmat Military Heroes
Indonesian Armed Services Investigating the military
Indonesian A F in E Timor Under attack, Military reels
Wirahadikusuma: No coup scenario Wiranto must accept responsibility
Generals grilled on E Timor violence Military under scrutiny
Martial law in Aceh ruled out Troops to leave Aceh
Indonesia police lose Army grip New army powers suspended
MP: Halt UK arms sale The evidence against Wiranto
Wiranto - Iron will Wiranto: I worked for peace
Wiranto rejects liability General Rudini
Wiranto suspended New Kostrad commander
Australian military ties Australia's friends in ABRI
Generals under siege What role for the military?
US provided 1965 death lists US Military Support
Indonesia's King maker Additional equipment acquisitions
Defensive Maneuvers Kopassus Web
Purge at the top Kopassus background
Soldiers are the same anywhere CIA's goal to infiltrate military
A.H. Nasution Mystery of the Ninja Assassins
How Army fills a Power Vacuum The military is reforming
Courting Suharto critics Three for the future
More King maker than King Showdown in Jakarta
The military reconsiders its role Prabowo rindu pulang
Generals under siege Indonesia crisis lesson for China
Military; King or Kings makers Mystery of Ninja assassins
CNN Interview Gen Agum Gumelar Prabowo: I am a loyal soldier
Wiranto-The Blame Game Prabowo and May 98 riots
A matter of force Prabowo interview May 2000
Battle of the generals Prabowo: I never betrayed country
Fishing in troubled waters Prabowo: The scapegoat?
Bullets and bottomlines Prabowo: Idealist's Rise and Fall
To "De-Wiranto-ize" the military Prabowo and East Timor
Testimony implicates Army Prabowo - The man to watch 1996
Australian Defense relations Re Prabowo
Wahid's assault fuels military rifts Prabowo's return
Wiranto quits Wiranto-Survivor with iron will
Wiranto's removal may backfire Police break Aceh Arms' ring
Changing US Defense strategy US resumes military cooperation
Wahid polishes image KOPASSUS Wiranto - Disgraced general
US military cooperation resumed Major Army reshuffle
Indonesian Special Forces  Military reshuffle
Special Forces training in Vermont Top military commanders replaced
Military changes mind on politics Averting a Kosovo in Indonesia
Miltary grows impatient with Wahid Wahid Wiranto showdown
Asia's Naval Arms Race Revives Re-thinking military ties with US
Indonesia builds up Navy Asian Alliance on the horizon
Unrest-The Jordanian connection Military-Losing an empire
Indonesia's Army gets a reformer The military 98
Prabowo- Salah In formasi Major military reshuffle 
Maj General Syahril MS Maj General Saurip Kadi
General Syafrie Syamsuddin removed E Timor - Military and Capital links
Separation of Police- Armed Forces  Lt General Agus Wirahadikusuma
Two New Top Commanders Adm Widodo warns on anarchy
Military reshuffle New Military Commander Maluku
Military reshuffles key posts US Arms embargo criticized 
Appeal for help to modernize AF Separation police and military
Omar Dhani  Menjegal Jenderal kritis
Assault on Army fuels rifts Agus Wirahadikusumah replaced
Kostrad commander replaced Another Wahid supporter sacked
Kemana TNI berpihak?  Wawancara Agus Wirahadikusumah
KOPASSUS Militer dan politik Pasca-Orde Baru 
Military and the new government Aug 17 demo against military 
Indonesia's Disappeared Wiranto & Bayangan Murdani
MPR extends military political role The case of East Timor
Commanders losing control Military retains clout
Military retain political clout  Military to exit MPR in 2004 
Army granted East Timor amnesty  US military Training
US Military Aid to Indonesia US Arms client profile
US Weapons industry gets its way  US Proposed Arms Transfers
Wahid polishes Kopassus' image Yudhoyono's star keeps rising
The Kopassus-Militia Alliance  Wiranto jadi Pangab
Politics and the Military 97-99 From repression to reform
Political resurgence of TNI  Two faces of the military 
Kopassus - A test for the best  Indonesia's Killers
Battle of the generals US and Indonesia Military 
Brutal Military US trained Indonesian Armed Forces 
Piercing an Army's veil  More educated, more ruthless 
Defector: Army in Timor plot Indonesian Air Force 
Wiranto on law and order  Wahid outflanked by the Army 
Kopassus  Talk with Bambang Yudhoyono
E Timor- Senior generals escape trial  US Arms Transfers to Indonesia 
Armed Forces in Suharto's Indonesia  US responsibility in Indonesia 
General Abdul Harris Nasution dies Jendral Nasution telah tiada
In Memoriam A H Nasution Military out of politics
A rage unchecked Military has resources for comeback 
Military and Militias Police links Army to bomb 
Defense Minister Mahmud Mahfudin The military seem to be winning 
Military Embargo blamed  Tengku Safwan Idris - Critic of Army
International Aid at risk  Tanjung: Wahid must control military 
US Military Aid hinges on militia Cohen warning over militias
Time interview with Mahfudin Militia disarmament plans
Australia : Accusation inappropriate  Timetable for militia disarmament 
Deputy AF Chief post abolished Militia put on notice
Soldiers implication in UN murders  Six held in UN murder probe 
Soldiers implicated in UN murder Army involved in counterfeit scandal
Crackdown on arms  Marzuki - militia and military linked  
Military & police must work together  Pemusnahan dokumen A.H. Nasution 
Indonesia military The role of the military 






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