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CNN: Conditions set for power change

 PDI to back Wahid censure

TIME: While Megawati waits

CSM:  VP keeps them guessing

Wahid rejects power sharing

 Threat of violence rises

Hostile parliament seeks impeachment

  No power sharing

Wahid holds firm as Megawati tours

  Jakarta street protests continue

Megawati tours Borneo

 Megawati in Borneo

Muhammadiyah backs Megawati

 Megawati visits strife-torn Borneo

Megawati visits Singapore

 Urged supporters to remain peaceful

VP indirectly attacks President

  President urged to delegate power

Why Megawati let Wahid fight alone

 VP indirectly attacks President

VP opposes early impeachment session

 Wahid gets breathing space

Observers focus on Megawati

  Wahid wins breathers

 Megawati may hold key

PDI backs Wahid's reprimand

Military wooing Megawati

  Wahid says has VP support

 Party rejects federalism


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1996 Crack-down on party Fighting for her rights
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Magical memories Whom do the people trust?
Military behind Megawati? Religious Divisions
Still in the election picture Office of the Presidency
Megawati-Chip of the old block  Getting people to believe in govt
Political speech July99 Behind the power 
Indonesia's Mystery Woman  Megawati's Game Plan
Megawati, icon of democracy Thrust into government role 
Daily management to Megawati Megawati to run day-to-day govt
Megawati's twist of fate  Wahid steps aside
Sekedar tugas teknis  New duties but no new authority 
No surrender of executive power  In the shadow of her father
VP promotion  The Megawati Factor 
Is PDI imploding?  Rift between Wahid Megawati 
Megawati shocked VP tasks outlined
Wahid cedes new role to VP Wide Powers to VP 
Widespread tasks for Megawati Megawati swears in new cabinet
The season of scandal   A rare roar against aristocrat 
The politics of Megawati  Vice President Megawati
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