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CNN Analysis: Showdown in Jakarta

 CNN:  The long road to impeachment

MSNBC: Sources of instability

 CNN: Conditions set for power change

MSNBC: Political issues

MSNBC: Sources of instability

CNN: Indonesians may murder forWahid

 FEER: Waiting for Gus Dur

BBC: Political feuding harming stability

 CNN: Shadows over Indonesia

CNN: The price of Madurese ambition

CNN: Inside the head of the headhunter

 CNN: Violence plagues Wahid

 CNN: Borneo bloodbath from 2 sides

NEWSWEEK: Indonesia's island fever

TIME Photo Essay: Borneo Backlash

Washington Post: Rampage tied to grievance

TIME: Borneo in flames-Where is GUS?

FEER: Gain through pain

BBC Analysis: Behind the violence

THE TIMES: What should government do?

CNN: Kalimantan's Agony

 BBC - Borneo tolerance plea

CNN: Borneo terror in pictures

CNN - Shadows over Indonesia

CNN - The failure of transmigration

CNN - Why ethnic slaughter struck

BBC - Beheading: A Dayak ritual

 NEWSWEEK: Borneo Hunting heads

  TIME: The darkest season

  NEWSWEEK: Birth of a messy state

TIME: Killing field

BBC: Political feuding harming stability

TIME: Will political shadow kill Wahid?

 BBC Analysis: Behind the violence

TIME: Bloodbath in Borneo

 BBC : Indonesia fragile archipleago

 NEWSWEEK: Indonesia's island fever

CNN: Instability in Indonesia



Wahid resignation "out of the question"

 BBC: Wahid ignores censure

Wahid headed for impeachment

 BBC: Wahid in crisis talks

Parties move to back censure

 Parliament eyes censure of Wahid

BBC: Wahid threatens parliament

 Wahid warns of nationwide rebellion

Suicide squads flood Jakarta

  Militia crackdown

Ginandjar Kartasasmita detained

 Possible presidential ouster stirs cauldron

Media warns of more turmoil

 Threat of violence rises

 Minister backtracks on Wahid resignation

 Hostile parliament seeks impeachment

Wahid dismisses Forestry minister

Mob threatens Wahid critic

Wahid supporters turn out in force

 Muslim chief warns of mayhem

Wahid supporters threaten to kill rival

  Street protests continue

 Political protests mount

  FEER: Students-Divided we fall

Massive protests demanding resignation

 Shadows over Indonesia

Protesters demand Wahid resignation

 Wahid rejects calls for resignation

  FEER - Possible forces for change

 FEER: Banking- On dangerous ground

 TIME: Borneo in flames-Where is GUS?

 NEWSWEEK: Indonesia's island fever

Wahid holds firm as Megawati tours

 Gus Dur rejects calls for resignation

Borneo massacre witnesses

BBC Analysis: Behind the violence

Army warns against ousting Wahid

Borneo tolerance plea

Muhammadiyah backs Megawati

 Megawati visits strife-torn Borneo

 Bracing for more dangerous living

Wahid living dangerously

CNN - Shadows over Indonesia

 TIME: Will political shadow kill Wahid?

TIME: War talk in Jakarta

 Warning of possible coup 

Kalimantan burns

 Violence spreads to Borneo capital

World Bank warning

 Wahid supporters resume protests

Asiaweek: Battle of Jakarta

 Tension, violence and economic gloom

Angry protests in Indonesia

 Violence erupts in Jakarta demo

 Rally against Wahid

Protesters face tear gas

 Pressure mounts on Wahid

 Students demanding Golkar dissolution

FEER: A minefield called Jakarta

  Mengejar KKN

 Wahid's woes: Going nowhere

  President urged to delegate power

Wahid supporters take to the street

 Thousands rally in Jakarta

A loud message for parliament

 Reconciliation urged

Wahid promises change

Wahid hits out at critics 

VP indirectly attacks President

 Wahid pleads for patience

Wahid attacks critics

 VP indirectly attacks President

Wahid seeks to calm protests

 Wahid to seek calm in East Java

 President dodges trial

Justice minister quit

Wahid to visit troubled East Java

FEER: From chaos to despair

 Rival offices attacked 

 Violence grows

 Supporters demand death for opponents

Opposition offices targeted

Surabaya police and protesters clash

 Bloody uprising warning

 Justice Minister fired

Time Interview with Amien Rais

Golkar office torched

 Time: Bad Omens

Miltary will not topple Wahid

 Wahid supporters rampage

Wahid loyalists riot

Why Megawati let Wahid fight alone

Wahid wins breathers

 Wahid gets breathing space

VP opposes early impeachment session 

 Wahid supporters warn of bloodshed

Observers focus on Megawati

  Mobs attack party offices

 SMH - Wahid nears the end

 Rally to support Wahid

MPR chief urges Wahid's surrender

 Wahid supporters rampage in Java

 Anti Suharto/Golkar rampage

Indonesian leaders back Wahid

Censure vote - Anger wit leadership

The Christmas bombings

 Government vows to fight corruption

 Students demand clean-up

Wahid's fate may rest with Megawati

Indonesian President on the ropesI

 Megawati may hold key

 Thousands rally behind Wahid

Finding accepted that President lied

 Rally in support of Wahid

 Wahid says will not resign

Wahid will not step down

Parliament acts against Wahid

 Steps towards presidential impeachment

 Parliament votes to censure Wahid

 Wahid says has VP support

Demanding Wahid's resignation

 President denies scandals

Hints of graft by President

 As in Manila, so in Jakarta?

Wahid accused of role in scandal

Defense minister warns of army takeover

  Siap hadapi situasi terburuk

Increasing pressure

Police fire tear gas

Political challenge

 Wahid firm as students police clash

Student protests turn violent

Foreign journalists banned from hot spots

 Students storm parliament

Prabowo denies bombing

 Military making a comeback

 Wahid offers MP's olive branch

 Gus Dur tuduh Amien Rais dkk

Jakarta braces for showdown

 High Noon for Wahid

Wahid - We are making progress

 Megawati warns against violence

Flavoring spices up Indonesia tensions

Indonesia bombings in pictures

 Islam groups criticized on seasoning

FEER: Chaos rebuffed

Church facing new challenges

Islam's new face in Indonesia

Analysis: Fear of spiralling violence

Jakarta starts devolving power

 Wahid pledges to serve term till 2004

  US criminal history in Indonesia

 Political and sectarian violence

 Wahid describes bombing as political

Asian democracies put to the test

Vows to fight insurgency

New regional group proposed

Jakarta-Canberra talks planned

 Indonesia Making enemies

 Targeting America

 US report on religious freedom

Witch hunt suspects arrested

 Blasts rock Jakarta

Protesters vandalise parliament

Parliamentary team to call on Wahid

  Military insists it is neutral

US Embassy Statement 11/07/00

Suharto son demands safety guarantee

 US embassy reopens 11/07/00

Military wages battle of wills

Targeting America

 SE Asia shaken by rise of strict Islam

 US hopes embassy can re-open

 US Embassy to re-open 11/07/00

Military wooing Megawati

 US hopes embassy can re-open

US envoy is focus of critics

 Wahid - US backs me

Wahid tries to heal US rift

US Embassy closure extended again

 Indonesia a "Piracy Hotspot"

  US Indonesia friction threatens fire

 Wahid: US still supports administration

 US Ambassador on way to US

Political crises reflect growing pains

 Rising anti-U.S. feelings

 Wahid: Democracy on track

Extended Embassy closure critized

Xenophobia on the rise

 US Embassy extends closure

US defends envoy

 US statement on Indonesia

US relations strained

  US Embassy still closed

US braces for trouble

 US Embassy still closed (10/30/00)

Growing anti-US sentiment

US relations turn sour

Govt reacts to radical Muslim threat

The West in danger

Australia firm of West Irian policy

 Americans told to leave country

US Embasy: Officials hurt relations

US Embassy disappointed

Borneo ethnic clashed subside

Muslims order hotels to bar Americans

Time running out for Wahid?

  BBC: Americans ordered to leave

Anti US protests in Jakarta

 Threat closes US Embassy

US Press Release on Spy charges

US accuses Defense Minister

Militia leader set free

US denies spy charges

US not threatening an embargo

 Parliament vetoed Wahid Australia visit

AS sesalkan pernyataan Amien Rais

Suharto family to be held accountable

  Amien Rais tentang embargo AS

 Dunia internasional khawatir

 Anti-Western sentiment?

 The triumph of leadership

Death toll rising in Wamena

 The Atambua tragedy

 Korban kerusuhan Wamena

Militia Chief arrest 

Timor militia leader arrested

No pardon for Tommy Suharto

Pondering the Law, Suharto's Fate

 Off the Hook?

 Learning from Chile

Tommy ignores arrest summons

No reconciliation without justice

Tommy ignores summons

 Suharto's New Order

 Gestapu commemoration

Aceh - A Bloody Truce

Suharto unfit to stand trial

BBC - The case against Suharto

Violence after trial thrown out

Timor weapons crackdown

Suharto case dismissed

Timor militia refuse to disarm

Kronologi penangkapan kasus BEJ

Alwi Shihab to brief UN

  Moluccans break into Swiss embassy

Risking wrath of Security Council

Investigation in military involvement

US demands West Timor disarmament

Arms crackdown "pathetic"

Security tightened for Suharto trial

Elite soldiers held in bombing

UN troops kill militia man

25 held in bombing plots

Soldiers planted JSX bomb

Dozens arrested over bombings

 2 Kopassus soldiers arrested

Penangkapan pengebom

US Embassy & Sarinah were targeted

 JSX Bombing arrests

2 Military among arrested

25 Arrested In JSX bombing

  JSX bombing arrests

Scuffle after Megawati's Atambua visit

Woolcott: E Timor policy right for the time

 Jakarta must make good on promise

 Military seems to be winning

 US & Australian Embassies targeted

General claims threat to Irian Jaya

Australia,US reject W Irian charge

 Escape from Timor

 Dozens arrested in JSX bombing

 Interview Defense Minister Mahmudin

Defense Minister under fire

 Just how ill is Suharto

 Oil shock

25 Arrested in JSX bombing

Militiamen demand return of weapons

Wahid goes to war

Defense Minister sees conspiracies

 Indonesia resists US pressure

 Indonesia struggles with transition

US critized Howard's letter to Habibie

Bomb probe backfires

Democracy & Economic Reform

 Roth on Indonesia

A second chance for democracy

 Indonesia, it's president and the future

  Stratfor Special Reports

 The waning power of the President

 1999: What is next for Indonesia?

 Analysis: The Crisis in Indonesia

 Warga yg tinggal di LN sejak 1965

 Dimensions of the 1998 crisis

 Perang intern di Semanggi?


National Awareness The 1965 Coup and its Aftermath
Early Political Movements 1965 Suharto's rise
Sukarno & Nationalist Movement New Order under Suharto
Revolution 1945-1950 The New Order
Transfer of Sovereignty 1949 docs New Order
Birth of the Republic Foreign policy under Suharto
Constitution ABRI & New Order
Constitutional background Political Parties
Recognition of Sovereignity Non-Govt organizations
The Sukarno years ASEAN
Sukarno United a Nation End of New Order
1950 Unitary State Annus Horribilis
CIA and Sukarno Democracy & Identity Politics
Sukarno's Foreign Policy Wilson Qrtrly: End of New Order 
Non-aligned movement Economic & Political Crisis
Guided Democracy Geopolitical profile
America's Unseen Hand On the brink of revolution
Economic & Political Analysis Ten days that shook Indonesia
JFK CIA Indonesia Freeport  A Nation In crisis
Edwards McMasters Indonesia after Suharto
Back To The Future Suharto resigns
Turmoil In Indonesia Suharto Resignation speech
NY Times: Crisis in Indonesia Resigns, names successor
King of Java Filling power vacuum
Financial Empire in peril What comes next?
Why Indonesia had to explode His last chapter
1965-Revolution & Counter Revolution Options are few
Identity Crisis 1999 Elections
Regional grievances Forbes talks with Amien Rais
US complicity in East Timor Search for order
Canadian complicity Political Agendas
Whitlam papers implicate Australia President B.J. Habibie
International Arms Trade The Habibie Administration
U.K. Arms Trade Wahid wins presidency
Australia's secret support 1966 Wahid Megawati
1996 Wake-up call Washington on Wahid
Post-Suharto: What role for Islam? Chaos in the islands
Role of Islam Post-Suharto Religious strife
BBC: Amien Rais and Wahid Raging Inferno
Islam moves to center stage WP-Timeline since 1997
Globalisation challenge Suharto-The regional aftershock
A nation holding its breath Resource link
Looking ahead The Atlantic Report
Facing uncertainty Transition analysis
Leadership and culture Social cost of the crisis
Analysing end of Suharto's Indonesia Fragile Democracy 
MSNBC chronology Political gangsters
Indonesia-A pariah state? The Russian Road
Stern - The Econ and Political Crisis Markets, Morals and Leadership
Tinder box or conspiracy? Clash of interests
The student movement Fragile democracy
Habibie on political development Habibie Cabinet May 22, 1998
What Asian crisis? Crisis Challenge for US
Wahid stresses cooperation Politics as impoverished as economy
Along ethnic and religious lines In Focus: After Suharto
President Suharto and New Order Political climate
APEC-Indonesia Australia relations background
WW II effect on nationalism Indonesia's discontent 1
Fast Facts Indonesia's discontent 2
Eurasian Political Alliance Indonesia's discontent 3
Australia Report on Crisis Changes in Indonesia
Crisis overview Social effects of crisis
Politics and Human Rights Indonesian students
Prophets speak from the grave Indonesia's King maker
Who is behind ethnic violence? Why Indonesia had to explode
Political Paralysis E Timor Strategic ramifications
Power struggle Political Resources
Aceh vs East Timor Human rights in Post Suharto era
Is Indonesia disintegrating ? Holbrook visits Indonesia
Muslims flexing their muscles Raging inferno
WW-II and nationalism Winds of Economic Crisis
End of New Order-Analysis Indonesia's future
The roots of regional conflicts Real and False Democracy
Identity Crisis Fragile Democracy
Troubling brewing in Aceh MSNBC:  Jakarta goes it alone
Aceh-The winds of rage Separatist passions
Aceh campaigns for self-rule Asiaweek: Partners in Sparring
Wahid backs Aceh Ballot Will Indonesia fall apart?
Troops to leave Aceh Shihab: Economic Foreign Policy
Aceh: Stll dreaming of freedom Unity in Diversity
Riots reverse Aceh withdrawal The fragile archipelago
18 Killed in Aceh violence Why Indonesia had to explode
Thousands flee Aceh Indonesia's many faces
Peace Hopes for Aceh Key Players
Court to hold Aceh trial Loosening the bonds
Aceh - Worse to come  Indonesia at a cross-road
The Challenge of Integration Sparring Partners
The tides of mighty Islam Whither Aceh?
Suharto regime still in power Violence in Indonesia
After the elections A Political Supertanker adrift
The Tide of Islam Wiranto's reflections
Madiun 1948 Reformasi 1998
Digging for trouble Three against the past
Indonesia at the Breaking Point After Suharto
The Fall of Suharto The Modernization Dilemma
Indonesia after Suharto Dimensions of Crisis 97 
Identity Crisis The Players
The Regional Implications Rule of the headhunters
PDI -Championing Democracy Free West Papua movement
The Indonesian Tangle Aceh campaigns for self-rule
Stumbling toward end game Why has US courted military?
Islamic presidency Indonesia - Dashed Hopes
Fight for riches Soeharto and New Order
Economy, Society & Politics Indonesia a Pariah State?
Unless Congress acts..... (1998) Report on May1998 riots
Archipelago in flames New protests in Irian Jaya
Black Friday The winds of rage
A tale of two power brokers Who will lead?
Jobless in Java, booming in Bali Vigilantes
CNN chronology of crisis Aceh: Fear and Loathing
General Wiranto resigns Free Aceh Movement
Tribunal convicts soldiers The Conflict in Aceh
1999 Year of living dangerously Jakarta Aceh truce May 13, 2000
1998 The turmoil deepens  Euphoric rush to democracy
Timeline Suharto's Fall Youthful impatience
Still a fragile archipelago Locked and Loaded
Chinese-The Scapegoats People power
Mysterious killing spree on Java He's the Boss
10 days that shook Indonesia 1 Econ & Political Reform needed
10 Days that shook Indonesia 2 Islam awakens as political force
10 Days that shook Indonesia 3 Islam Nuances
10 Days that shook Indonesia 4 Flashback: Tanjung Priok Massacre
10 Days that shook Indonesia 5 Radicals want their say
10 Days that shook the nation 6 On the road with 3 candidates
A nation asserts itself Framework for Re-birth
No quick fix - Raging Inferno The main players
List of richest families 1998 Courting Suharto critics
People Power and Tianmen Designing a democracy
Sparring Partners Between Army and Islamists
Aceh Anger Students Agony and anger
Aceh's trauma CNN Interview with Amien Rais
Aceh: Jakarta's big headache The Rise and Rise of Amien Rais
Aceh's Who is Who Battle for balance
Aceh: Secession's specter Presidential Race: All bets are off
Aceh-At the breaking point Pieces of the National Mosaic
And now Kalimantan Heading for the exit
New breed of politicians BBC - Indonesian Flashpoints
Aceh in flames W Irian-Continuing the struggle
Violence wracking archipelago The Battle for Bougainville
Gun sales are brisk Spreading Fire
Muslim middle class Timor - How high a price?
Islam's struggle for power Politics and Religion
Flames of Faith PDI rejects federalism
Changing of the guard Analysis 98-99 : Dangerous transition
A Power conference Waiting for Wiranto
Suharto in the shadows We need a neutral Army
Showdown in Jakarta Struggles-Framework for Rebirth
Prabowo and East Timor Prabowo:  I am a loyal soldier
Prabowo: Idealist's Rise and Fall I Never betrayed my country
Re Prabowo Prabowo: The Scapegoat?
Suharto Investigation Wahid's popularity fades
Suharto : Digging up past agonies Aceh cease fire takes effect
Bulog scandal Aceh leader assasinated in Malaysia
Attempt to bottle provinces Jihad threatens stability
Likely there are provocateurs Shadow of a coup
Kissinger New Presidential Adviser Wahid promises democratic reform
Malaysia scolds Indonesia Shihab on Suharto rule
Kissinger supports Freeport deal Kissinger appointed Advisor
Clinton used IMF as bulldozer Separatism-Wahid's promises
Indonesia Malaysia Chronology
Re-thinking military ties with US W Irian- Eye Independence by 2003
Asian Alliance on the horizon Indonesia, India, Iran
Hotspot Indonesia Wahid style questioned
The Sukarno years Chinese: Tradition of mistrust
Suharto's New Order Military - Losing an empire
The Boom years Creation of a new nation
Suharto's overthrow The regions - Pandora's box
Watershed elections West Irian - Culture clash
Wahid - Master of compromise Maluku - Too hot to handle
Megawati-Chip of the old block Sulawesi - Uneasy calm
Wiranto - Disgraced general Kalimantan-Resentment boils over
Habibie - A transitional figure Lombok - Paradise lost
Suharto - A bloody legacy  E Timor - Long march to freedom
Sukarno - The founding father Asia's Yugoslavia?
Chronological overview Wahid faces political showdown
BBC - Indonesia Flashpoints  Global Hotspots- Indonesia   
Indonesia's other crises  Important to SE Asia stability
Indonesia - A Pariah State? Aceh - E. Asia Tinderbox
A nation holding its breath An economy on hold
Crisis-Challenge for US leadership The real Indonesia scandal 
Maluku-Civil War spectre looms Spice islands Rampage
Free Papua Independence claim rejected
West Papua declares independence Information war is half the battle
Independence claim rejected West Papua self-rule tensions
W Irian: An Indonesian Flashpoint Freddy Numberi
Inside Muslim Christian War  TIME: Wahid's world
The Muslim Factor Whither Wahid?
Indonesia's other crises Disarms with his wit
Fears of destabilization There's a campaign to topple me
Pause in separatist demand FEER: Indonesia Bloodbath
Toll on economy Asiaweek: Nation Adrift
Timor - How high a price  Irian Jaya-A tragic history
Behind the Moluccas violence Averting a new Kosovo in Indonesia
1999 Report on Indonesia Violence in Post-Suharto era 
A Nation divided by faith  On a political tightrope
Power struggle Military power suspended
Leadership should stop bickering Political crisis deepens 
A Tolerant Muslim Tradition Religious wars 
A Year of Holy War Revenge in Indonesia
Indonesian Hot Spots FEER - What the US must do 
West Papua- Next East Timor? Gus Dur rules our second term
Islamic politics Suharto supporters accused
Muhammadiyah Congress  Wahid supports 1965 killing probe
Muhammadiyah switch to Islam 1965 Massacre inquiry
Indonesia needs Aceh  Indonesia's troubled islands
Alwi Shihab tidak surut  Perang Parlemen vs Presiden
Kasus tiga politisi  Rencana pemeriksaan politisi
Fuad Bawazier Wawancara Ginanjar Kartasasmita
Dibelakang penahanan Gubernur B I Dilemma seorang Gubernur B I
Wahid rejects impeachment talks Suharto Investigation
President snubs MP's  Wahid dismisses critics 
Political heat turns up  President apologizes
Golkar threatens to leave Cabinet Time for leadership 
Indonesia's Kingmaker Elections 99 -A New beginning
Collission Course  Skenario menggulingkan Gus Dur
Democrat or Boss? Megawati fails to show at rally
Rally falls flat Jihad aggravates instability 
Philippine envoy bomb attack Wahid braces for MPR showdown 
Another Wahid supporter sacked S.E. Asia political map
Main points of MPR speech Aug 00 Wahid's MPR speech
Otak kerusuhan Poso ditangkap Pasukan Jihad
Kemana TNI berpihak? Daily duties to Vice President
Megawati, icon of democracy Megawati handed day-to-day govt 
Wahid cedes daily control Wahid steps back
Wahid placed on notice Wahid steps aside
Relief and Confusion  Indonesia's drifting democracy 
No transfer of executive power  Who bombed Philippine ambassador?
S.E. Asia on edge  Changes usher-in new optimism
New duties but no new authority  Bukan penyerahan wewenang 
Indonesia's Anaemic Survival  VP promotion 
Questioning power sharing Suharto's Record 
Golkar weighs its options Wahid stands his ground 
Australia-Rough weather ahead  Complex roots of violence 
Anaemic Revival Power sharing promise diluted
Independence Day speech Appeal for Reconciliation
Mid-East Peace Plan  Not meddling in civil unrest
Indonesia and Separatism  Hope in Indonesia 
Politics and the Military 97-99  From repression to reform
Confronting political economic crisis The Post-Suharto Crisis 
The Asian Revolution has begun Behind the anti-Chinese riots 
Indonesia's disappeared Indonesia Intelligence State re-visited
Econcrisis & Chinese scapegoating Murder in Java
Foxes in the hen-house Uncertainty in Suharto's Indonesia
The Sofyan Wanandi case Future of Indonesia at stake
The Consortium Analysis Sectarian Conflict
Penalties for the past Agonies of the past 
Indonesia Intelligence State revisited  Important players
Analyzing the transition  Reconciliation and Reform 
The silent tragedy of Aceh Security Management Workshop
Is Aceh the next E Timor? Indonesia vs Suharto
3 Killed in Timor rampage Deteriorating security 
20 Dead in Timor clashes Culture of contempt 
US-Australia 1954-1962   Death toll JSX explosion
Strengthening ties with China Inferno shuts JSX
Indonesia - In Harm's way Suharto cronies suspected
Bombing spells more turmoil  Wahid orders arrest Tommy Suharto
Tommy Suharto in bomb probe Police links Army to bomb
Police wants evidence Tommy Suharto's denies involvement
Prominent Aceh leader assassinated Aceh-New Test for Wahid
Military blamed for Aceh killing Tengku Safwan Idris - Critic of Army
The military seem to be winning   Cohen warning over militias
Police Chief replaced   Diplomatic Economic backlash
Wahid sacks Police Chief US Military Aid hinges on militia
Tanjung: Wahid must control military  Suharto's hand felt 
Time interview with Minister Mahfudin Suharto son cleared
Suharto son suspected  Australia : Accusation inappropriate
Indonesia needs friends and money Militia disarmament plans
Time: Enough is enough  Suharto-Sick man of Asia 
Jakarta against the world Timetable for militia disarmament 
Soldiers implication in UN murders   Six held in UN murder probe
Wahid says gaining upperhand  Army involved in counterfeit scandal
Crackdown on arms Australia,US reject W Irian charge 
Wahid: Police chief disobeyed me  Marzuki - militia and military linked 
Who is behind the bombings? The Atambua tragedy