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History of Indonesia National Awareness
Ancient Times Ethical Policy
Hindu Kingdoms Early Political Movements
Islamic Kingdoms Japan Occupation 1940-45
The Portuguese period Nationalist Movement
Beginning Dutch Colonialism Sovereignty 1949 docs
British Temporary Rule Recognition of Sovereignity
Return of Dutch Colonialism Revolution 1945-1950
Nationalist Movements Effects of WW II
Japanese Occupation Brief History
Early History Birth of the Republic
Indianized Empires Sukarno-Hatta
Indian Civilization Since 1945
Coming of Islam 1950 Unitary State
European Intrusions 1st Phase 1950-1965
East India Company Years of Living Dangerously
The Dutch on Java 1619-1755 Guided Democracy
VOC and British Occupation Sukarno's Foreign Policy
Netherlands Indies Non-aligned movement
East Indies-An artificial Republic Sukarno-United a Nation
Java War & Cultivation System 1965 Coup and Aftermath
Dutch Expansion New Order
Colonial Economy 1870-1940 Indonesia Timeline 
Modern History New Order under Suharto
History Summary Foreign policy under Suharto
Indonesia & WWII Political Parties
Indonesia Story Pancasila & Political Parties
History of Indonesia At the Breaking Point
Aspects of History Suharto resigns
History Suharto Resignation Speech
Historical Background  
History President B.J. Habibie
Britannica-Overview Habibie Administration
Timeline-Sejarah Indonesia Habibie withdraws candidacy
Historic dates  
Irian Jaya and East Timor President AR Wahid
Colonial Indonesia Vice President Megawati
The History of Indonesia Independence Fact Sheet
History of Indonesia Jakarta Post-History
Roots of a Revolution Indonesia links
Madiun 1948 Political History
MS Encarta - Indonesian History History Background
National Archive The Saint and the Housewife
Chronological overview Crucial Dates
History in Detail  Indonesia History Outline
A Tenuous Union Independence and Turmoil
Forum - Tokoh 100 Tahun  Suharto Photo Collection
Sukarno speech Bandung 1955 Wahid-Megawati 
Retrospective History  Indonesia History
Dutch East Indies Wartime History The Battle of Surabaya 45
100-1500 1500-1670
1670-1800 1800-1830
1830-1910 1910-1940
1940-1945 1945-1950
1950-1965 1965-1998 
Memories of Mojopahit UNDP - Indonesia history
The origins of the Rajasa Dynasty The Oldest Kingdom
Tarumanegara Sriwijaya 
Mataram Dharmawangsa
Majapahit Islamic Kingdom
Islam in Java Aceh Darussalam
Arrival of Dutch 1596 The Dutch and the British
The Uprising early 1900 Muslim Awakening
End of Dutch Colonialism Japanese Occupation
Independence war and proclamation The revolutionary years
Early Republic years Communist insurgencies
Sukarno-Suharto transition The Development Era
Independence to 1965 Indonesia 1965-1998 (1)
History of Indonesia  Indonesia 1965-1998 (2)
CNN: History of the archipelago  CNN: History of fragile Archipelago
Supersemar: 5 Pertanyaan  



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