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Dutch support for W Irian take-over


West Irian Agreement

Australian involvement in confrontation

CNN - Shadows over Indonesia

 CNN: History of the archipelago

 Church facing new challenges

 Indonesia government (08/2000)

Jakarta starts devolving power

 Greater autonomy for regions


Nationalist Movements Sukarno-United a Nation
Chronology Nationalist Movement Guided Democracy
Sukarno and Nationalist Movement Sukarno's Foreign Policy
WW II-Japanese Occupation Non-aligned movement
Transfer of Sovereignty 1949 docs 1950 Unitary State
Revolution 1945-1950 Bandung Conference 1955
First President 1st Phase 1950-1965
Timeline-Sejarah Indonesia America's Unseen Hand
Recognition of Sovereignity October 1965 
Birth of the Republic The 1965 Coup & Aftermath
Since 1945 Rise of Suharto, Fall of Sukarno
Years of Living Dangerously New Order
History of Indonesia New Order under Suharto
History overview Foreign policy under Suharto
Historical Background McMasters-New Order
Historic dates 1965 Suharto's rise
History Summary Political Parties
Jakarta Post-History End of New Order
Pancasila and Political Parties At the Breaking Point
The Republic of Indonesia Suharto steps down
Indonesia Time Line  Suharto's fall from power
Indonesia links The Habibie Administration
Indonesia Handbook 1999 Abdurrachman Wahid
Indonesia 1999 Wahid wins Presidency
Crisis in Indonesia Megawati Vice-President
A new day dawns A nation living dangerously
A Tolerant Muslim tradition Increasing geographical importance 
1999 Report on Indonesia Chronological overview
Indonesia Overview 99  Key national leaders
One Nation, Divisible Fragile Democracy 
A Tenuous Union Religious wars
A Year of Holy War PRRI Permesta
Reconstructing Indonesia 1997 Annus Horribilis
Indonesia Flashpoints  Indonesia's Muslims
Global Hotspots Wahid's world
Photo collection Suharto Hotspot Indonesia
Indonesia after Suharto Wahid Photo Gallery 
Indonesia's Anaemic Survival   Political economy of Indonesia
Colonialism  Nationalism 
After Independence Indonesia Timeline
Crisis and Transition  Dimensions of Crisis 97
From repression to reform  A nation asserts itself
Suharto led from chaos, and back  1945-1950
1950-1965  1965-1998
After independence  1998 Photo's
Pemusnahan dokumen A.H. Nasution BBC - Suharto's fall in pictures
Suharto's New Order  Sukarno speech AA conference 55
Bandung Conference 1955 Confrontation 1963-1966
Indonesia governance Communist insurgencies
Independence war and proclamation The revolutionary years
Early Republic years Sukarno-Suharto transition
The Development Era  Internet resources
General & Political History Social History 
Economic & Environmental History Labor History
Retrospective History Independence to 1965 
The Sukarno years Independent Indonesia to 1965 
The Indonesia killings 1965-66 Indonesia 1965-1998 (1)
  Indonesia 1965-1998 (2) 

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