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 Wahid to visit Thailand, discuss oil

 Oil update (04/20/2001))

E Timor offered largeOil & Gas slice

Natural Gas update (04/12/01)

Petroleum Statistics 2000 (04/01)

 FEER: Pricing paradox costs Asia

Trouble in the pipeline

 Gas fields on fire

Exxon - Too hot to handle

FEER - Subsidized smuggling

 Troops sent to Aceh to guard Gas

  Indonesia to defend oil fields

Exxon cuts production in Aceh

 Exxon Mobil closes Arun fields

Coal Report 2000 Appendices

Coal Report Indonesia 2000

 Coal Report 2000 TOC

Petroleum Report Appendices 14-18

Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Report

Petroleum Report Appendices 1-13

Natural Gas Report 2000

LNG and LPG Report 2000

Crude Oil Report 2000

Petroleum Products Report 2000

 Petroleum Report 2000 Summary

 Petroleum Report 2000 Contents

Inco discusses nickel development

 Mining sector update 2/15/01

FEER: Poor prospects for digging

 Gas Gateway

 Ibnu Sutowo meninggal dunia

 Indonesia Singapore pipeline unveiled

 Oilpage plus


 Under the volcano

 Monopoli Pertamina harus dilepaskan

 Indonesia Petroleum Report 2000

 Indonesia Coal Report 2000

OPEC and the oil crisis 11/00

Irak cuts of oil exports 12/00

 Oil speculators

 OPEC the oil cartel

 Country Energy Balance

 Indonesia  Energy Profile

 Freeport-A pit of trouble

 Freeport's checkered record

 Fuel of the future

 Fueling the future

 Oil and mining

 Mining statistics


 Energy statistics

Dept Mining & Energy Petroleum Report
Directorate of Mining Energy News
Mining & Energy Important to world energy markets
Energy Policy Mining Industry website
Guidelines Mining & Energy Mining Investment Potential
Country Analysis Pertamina at a glance
Draft oil reform bill Pertamina History
Tertiary basins Pertamina Organization
CNN-Resources Pertamina HP
Oil Page Plus Production sharing contract
Unocal in Indonesia Contract arrangements
Unocal Fasttrack development Contract flowchart
Unocal through thick and thin The Lords of dispassion
Gulfstream Prospects
ARCO Prospects Western Indonesia
Weinberger: Asian Energy Needs Incentives
Total Indonesia Prospects Eastern Indonesia
Chevron Chemical renews contract Exploration and Production
Investment opportunities General conditions, tax, fiscal
Why Indonesia? Mailing list qualification
1999 Petroleum Report Indonesian mining companies
1999 Oil Statistics Areas open for Licensing
Petroleum Report Summary Perta Group
Focus on Domestic Gas Pertamina early yars
Focus on Pertamina (State Oil Co) New Pertamina Directors
Focus on PLN (State Electricity) Freeport's mining activities
Mining sector update Nov 99 Freeport impact on community
Negative impact of mining Trouble for Freeport
The Busang scam Bre-X: Biggest Gold find?
Busang Mining scandal Bre-X chronology
The Bre-X Fraud Kaltim Prima-Thermal coal
Bre-X The Aftermath Bre-X - All that glitters
The Indonesian Gold puzzle On the Road to Busang with Bre-X
Jungle Fever - The Bre-X Saga The world's richest mine
After the Bre-X glow Freeport
Tin Time Freeport's lode of trouble
Oil and Mining Freeport-A Pit of trouble
Mining: Bleak prospects Mining and Energy
Oil & Gas Industry On Freeport
Freeport - A Pit of Trouble Freeport's checkered record
Minerals Potential West Sumatra Pipeline Sumatra-Singapore
Mining & Energy  Can Pertamina restructure itself?
Kuntoro rescued Tambang Timah Mining Industry Associations 
Mining sector update 05/00 Kissinger supports Freeport deal
Caltex - Pertamina negotiations Indonesia and Freeport
Western Oil Alliances or Asia Unity Soft landing for oil prices and OPEC 
Saudi Oil Boost  Importance to Energy Markets 
Prabowo negotiator impor minyak Iran Selling LNG to India and China
Safeguard mining operations  FEER - Kept afloat by oil 
BBC - The oil cartel  The world's thirst for oil
Oil - Questions & Answers Oiling the world economy
OPEC on-line Oil survey-Non OPEC overview
Country Analysis Briefs EIA - Indonesia
1998 International Energy Annual International Energy Outlook 2000
World Energy Consumption World Oil Markets Outlook 2000
Natural Gas Outlook 2000 Coal Outlook 2000
Nuclear Power Outlook 2000 Hydroelectricity & other sources
Electricity Outlook 2000 Transportation Energy Use outlook
Environment & World Energy Use Energy projections through 2020
Short-term Energy Outlook 2000 Short-Term Energy Outlook 2000
World Oil forecast through 2001 Kissinger Freeport link criticized 
Adhi Satrya - PLN Paiton  Unocal-Through Thick and Thin 
Energy News Oil update 08/2000
Freeport - A Pit of Trouble  Freeport's checkered record 
Oil-rich Riau  FEER - Asia Energy market
Considering increase Gas Reserves Kuweit: We're the easiest scapegoat
Fuel and Fury  Crude awakening
Oil Tremors Indonesia Oil Statistics
The Petroleum Place The cancer conspiracy
Coal Report Indonesia 2000 Coal Report Indonesia 2000
Indonesia sedementary basins Violence & Strife blocking viable mine
Petroleum Geology Indonesia basins Indonesia Energy
OPEC fears a glut 11/2000 Irak cuts of oil exports 12/00






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