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 Business: Reaching crisis point

Indonesian markets calm after censure

Court orders Ginanjar freed

FEER: A Victim of legal anarchy

 Rupiah set to resume fall

CNN: Cemex take-over bid blurred

 ASIAWEEK: Big issues of doing business

ASIAWEEK: Thin veneer of wealth

 Changes in Income Tax (03/01)

 Critical IMF talks

 IMF positive on Indonesia review

Ginandjar Kartasasmita detained

Indonesia confident on IMF review 

Ramli: Rupiah will gain if tension eases

 FEER - Indonesia monetary meltdown

 ASIAWEEK: Trouble in the Pipeline 

  Barton Biggs upbeat on Asia

FEER - Subsidized smuggling

Bob Hasan to be moved to Nusakembangan

BUSINESS WEEK : Economic Outlook

 FEER: Darkness at the end of tunne

Storm clouds at the horizon

 LIPPOGATE: James Riady fined $ 8.59M

US Report: Recovery at crossroads

 Conditions for sustained business growth

US: Indonesia Commercial Guide 2001

Changes to Income tax (03/2001)

Dark clouds over Asia

  Indonesia to defend oil fields

Bob Hasan: Rise and fall of a timber tycoon

Bob Hasan's sentence tripled

International investment discouraged

 Bob Hasan's corruption trial

 Plummeting rupiah adds to woes

 Money moving overseas

Massive protests demanding resignation

 Currency slumps on political travails

 FEER: Banking- On dangerous ground

 Markets plunge

 US commercial center visit to Samarinda

 Mining sector update 2/15/01

Indonesia's Retail Industry

FEER: Gain through pain

Manulife: Double dealing

 World Bank warning of halt in lending

World Bank warning

US judge forbids Walmart suit 

World Bank: Economy threatened

Nike admits abuse of workers 

Nike plant workers abused

 Nike admits abuse at plant

Tutut Suharto barred from travel

 Asia Pulp & Paper at crisis point

IBRA - One lousy job

 Telkom Indosat agreement

Manulife auction proceeds frozen

 Manulife: A Deal is not a Deal

FEER - Economic Forecast

 Bob Hasan pleads not guilty

High Growth in Electronic Exports

 Economic statistics

Australia-Indonesia business

 Economic Reform after crisis

 Ajinomoto food seasoning controversy

 MSG food seasoning halal

 Gus Dur's Year

 Airlines taking off in stormy weather

 President ready to tackle economy

 Battle in the Air

Churchs bombings will worsen economy

 Futures Trading foreign cooperation

Business Sticking to basics

Asia competitiveness in global economy

Wahid chides IMF and Singapore

 Country commercial Guide 99/2000

Business & Finance sites

Tax holiday end for foreign projects

World Bank chief supports Wahid

  Cacuk - Another casualty of cronyism

Global capitalism

A talk with Rizal Ramli 

Country key data and information

Asian electronics: Who pulled plug?

 In Asia, slowdown fears

 Export and investment information

Fiscal decentralization regulations

 Investors in legal quagmire

New investment chief

 The politics of money in Asia

Tempting investors

 APEC 2000

 IMF loses patience

  IMF loses patience

 Asia's Tech Future

 A world of sweatshops

New forest concessions

 Emerging Asia's shaky recovery

 Cyanide used to catch tropical fish

Violence & Strife blocking viable mine

Indonesia Investment Climate 2000

 Coal Report Indonesia 2000

US-Indonesia economic relations

  Coal Report Indonesia 2000

Another casualty of crony capitalism

 Indonesian Market Background

Asia Real Estate Market coming back

 Internet business

 Programmers in (Bali) Paradise

Battle against cronyism lasts forever

Cronies: After the good times

Cronyism in Indonesia

 Bob Hasan suspect over failed bank

CGI approves $4.8 Billion aid package

Up in Arms

 CGI approves $4.8 billion for 2001

 Stalled Corporate Reform

  Property Market

AS sesalkan pernyataan Amien Rais

US not threatening an embargo

  Amien Rais tentang embargo AS

Oil Tremors

Tommy convicted for corruption

 Ramli denies conglomerate bail out

Tommy sentenced to 18 months

 British Bank becoming more Asian

IMF cites significant economic progress

 IFC denies commitment to bonds

Talk with Rizal Ramli 

 Legal uncertainty hampers Batam 

 Forestry tycoon goes on trial

 IFC to guarantee international bonds 

 Indonesia and Big Business

Indonesia  Energy Profile

 Attack of Hypermarkets

 Corporate restructuring going backward

 The Business Travelers Guide

 Statistics by subject

 Business & Economy gateway

 US dealings in Indonesia

 Recommended readings

 Indonesia Business Today

 Telecom units go separate ways

 Jakarta Property Market (1998)


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Getting out of the debts Walmart splits with Lippo
Wood Trade Cartel - Bob Hasan Astra shake-up
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Astra - Ready, Set, Sell 1998 Meltdown is not over yet
Ctrl Bank eases lending regulations Kissinger New Presidential Adviser
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Most powerfull businessman-For now Life under the volcano
Revised State Enterprise masterplan  What Bank Danamon did wrong 
Indonesia Time-line  Chronic indecision 
Come-back of a crony capitalist Garuda terancam
Clinton business-What's up in Jakarta? FEER - Kept afloat by oil 
Govt warns of timber industry bribes Bob Hasan arrested 
Luxury car import ban  Wahid's woes - Investors rattled
Tragedi Tanri Abeng  Chronic indecision taking toll 
Petrodollar dari Sadam Hussein Suharto billions sneaking back?
BI - Where did the billions go?   Foreign limits on telecom&internet 
BI - Dirty laundry - will candor pay-off?  Money Trail 
Edison Mission Energy  Jakarta Strategy for raising funds 
Attack on Indonesia's Hypermarkets  Graft won't just vanish
Utang macet Raja Kayu dan Pipa Asia Business and Economics 
Legal mire stalls investment  Australian business and Indonesia
FEER - Rival Allies  Suharto got Clinton kickbacks 
Business & Economy information State Telecom contract dispute
An Airline-Free-For All  Financial markets react negatively 
Investment Climate 2000  Are Wahid's woes wrecking reform?
Freeport-A Pit of Trouble Banks in Indonesia
The corrupt archipelago  Business steers clear of Indonesia
Telecoms : Dangerous game  Talk with Rizal Ramli 
Decree on Import of Capital Goods JSX blast shatters confidence 
Australia Indonesia Business Council In Jakarta - Assessing the damage 
Law and Legal  Legal Directory Indonesia
Bob Hasan on trial  IFC to guarantee international bonds  
PLN (State Electricity) inefficiency Legal uncertainty hampers Batam 
Business Directory  Berita Saham 






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