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 Indonesia cuts growth rate

 Rupiah set to resume fall

FEER: A Victim of legal anarchy

 ADB sees dip in Asia's growth

IMF positive on Indonesia review

 CNN: Cemex take-over bid blurred

 Critical IMF talks

 IMF will re-examine Indonesia

Changes in Income Tax (03/01)

 Indonesia confident on IMF review 

 Safeguarding Asian currencies

FEER - Indonesia monetary meltdown

The apathy of the financial sector

 Ramli: Rupiah will gain if tension eases

 LIPPOGATE: James Riady fined $ 8.59M

 Barton Biggs upbeat on Asia

Restoring monetary integrity

Fiscal sustainability

International investment discouraged

 Changes to Income tax (03/2001)

 Plummeting rupiah adds to woes

 Money moving overseas

BI will not allow Rp to break 10,000

  FEER: Banking- On dangerous ground

Indonesia dispute with IMF

  World Bank warning of halt in lending

World Bank: Economy threatened

 World Bank warning

  Reform or face economic peril

  Another IMF crisis?

Indonesia and the IMF (02/2001)

IMF: Indonesia position in the fund

Rupiah NDF market will affect spot

Rupiah vulnerable to NDF

Rizal: IMF pushing too hard for reform

 NDF ancam rupiah

IBRA - One lousy job

Offshore banks to start NDF

Manulife auction proceeds frozen

  Manulife: A Deal is not a Deal

New foreign exchange ruling

 B.I. to use T-bill as benchmark

IMF concerned about provincial borrowing

 IMF & Fiscal decentralization effects

 World Bank may trim loans

E. Gerungan: Restrukturasi perbankan

BI remains centre of battle

 Central Bank of Indonesia

 Chronology of Crisis (12/13/00)

Wahid: Singapore can ease rupiah woes

Wahid chides IMF and Singapore

Issue of rupiah trading

Business & Finance sites

 Tax holiday end for foreign projects

 Political bank battles

 Syahril Sabirin: A comedy of errors

Bank Governor resumes post

Bank chief in forgery row

Hasty survival strategy

A talk with Rizal Ramli 

  IMF loses patience

 Fiscal decentralization regulations

  Bank Bali defendant cleared

New Central Bank Chief

Asia's liquidity drought

 New Bank Indonesia Governor

 Another casualty of crony capitalism

The IMF in Asia

CGI approves $4.8 billion for 2001

 CGI approves $4.8 Billion aid package

Up in Arms

Briefing World Bank 10/2000

 BW - Hasty Survival Strategy

Budget FY 2001 Financing

Further slip on investment map

Budget FY 2001 Revenues

Budget FY 2001 Expenditures

Budget FY 2001 Foreign borrowing

Budget FY 2001 Assumptions 

Budget FY 2001 summary

Budget FY 2001 unveiled

 Debtors to benefit

2001 Draft budget

 $340M Debt restructured

 Debt restructure deal with London Club

 FinEc Highlights 09/2000

IMF cites significant economic progress

  British Bank becoming more Asian

Talk with Rizal Ramli 

 Legal uncertainty hampers Batam 

 IFC to guarantee international bonds 

IFC denies commitment to bonds

 Economic & Financial Data 08/00

 Saving the rupiah

 Asian currency crisis

 Corporate restructuring going backward

 Challenge of lasting recovery

 Challenges after the crisis

 1997-98 Financial Crisis

 1997-99 Asia Global Financial Crisis

 Bank Indonesia and the crisis

 Notes on post-crisis development

US dealings in Indonesia


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Joseph Sitglitz: Road to Recovery How US interest rates affect Asia
The Texmaco scandal Unraveling Bank Bali
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Braving Jakart's jitters Guide to Bali-Gate
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Privatization State enterprises Bank Mandiri-Troubling signs
Astra's struggle with creditors Stocks to watch 1998
IMF's Indonesian agenda Glen Yusuf -Tackling the tycoons
Battling powerful special interests Banker suspect eludes justice
Cleaning up corporate Indonesia Recovery-Hold the champagne
The biggest bad loaners Use and misuse of huge loans
Finding gold among the ruins No accidental tourists
Big Players in Asian Assets game When the law is an asset
How to buy Asian, and win Banks sweeping reform
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1998 The country's debts After Suharto, what?
Indonesia and IMF try again 1998 Rankings financial institutions
1999 The Rupiah revisited Indonesia and the IMF
Asian Banks Will Asia get a Euro?
Laksamana Sukardi on ousting  BCA goes public
Will candor pay off? BCA-Indonesia Crony Bank
Anthony Salim - Tycoon under siege  Salim - Eleventh Hour rescue ?
Where did BI's billions go? Central Bank hanging by a thread
World Bank-Time to scale back? Bank bail-out might turn tide
Suharto billions sneaking back? IMF approves 372M loan
Riady-Lippo not a stereotype Riady makes himself indispensable
Tycoon trouble unloading assets BCA goes public
IMF warns against capital control Growing Bank Indonesia Feud
At least 25 Billion return B I chief urged to resign
BULOG Gate and the President $7M blow for Wahid
What devaluation wrought Exch Controls-Desperate Remedy
Abolish the IMF Exchange rate anxiety
Saving Asia-What went wrong? Frontiers of creative finance
Wahid Shihab deny involvement Ctrl Bank eases lending regulations
Clinton: From Lewinsky to Riady B I Chief and Wahid
IMF Agreement March 2000  IMF John R Dodsworth
Forbes:  The world's richest people Economic woes
Forbes: Richest in  Asia & Australia Toll on economy
IMF - LOI Jan 20, 2000 IMF - LOI May 17, 2000
State Budget FY 2000 IMF warning against capital control
US to help trace funds Suharto money in US and Europe
Business Week : Pay back time Wealth stashed in US, Europe
At least 25 Billion return $45 Billion?
Suharto family talking with govt Wahid - Agreement within reach
No plans to return wealth Daughter denies $45 Billion
Family will not return wealth Editorial - First thing First
Politics slowing economic survival 2nd Round Crisis warning
Kasus peredaran uang palsu Bank Chief detained
Indonesia sells Astra What Bank Danamon did wrong 
Saudi Oil Boost B I Chief faces corruption charge
Riady faces US indictment  Islamic Finance
Central Banker- We have hit bottom Can Astra pull this off?
Exchange rate anxiety  Crisis: Asia's Memory lapse
Bank Bali: Sjahril's diary Rupiah plunges Jul 13 
Ironi Drama Perbankan Indonesia  Are Wahid's woes wrecking reform?
IMF welcomes exchange rate action BI - Where did the billions go? 
Bank Clean up Money Trail 
World Bank: Time to scale back? WB-Massive Presence&Big Problems
BI - Dirty laundry IMF and Suharto Inc.
Astra - Ready, Set, Sell The IMF's New Deal Jan 2000
Currency Crisis Jul2000 SE Asia's slumping currencies
Misteri kredit macet Rp 600 Triliun Devaluation-The cure that kills 
Asia will rise again  New Cabinet - Currency tumbles
IMF on recovery   Central Bank hanging by a thread
100 Days at a time  Banks in Indonesia
Secret financial blueprint Limitation IMF role sought
Emerging markets back-Thanks IMF IMF Talks
Business steers clear of Indonesia  We'll get along without World Bank 
PWC Indonesia Banking Report  The reluctant fireman 
New IMF deal signed Sep00  Loans test nerve of the West
$399 Million IMF loan endorsed  JSX blast shatters confidence

Crisis: US mixes threat with promises

IMF Press Release on $399m loan 






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